Find out what your radio station is worth.

Thank you for your interest in BIA/Kelsey’s Radio Stick Value Calculator. This calculator provides an estimate of the stick value of a radio station.

This tool provides a starting point estimate of the stick value of a radio station so that station owners/operators or investors can monitor the value of a business.

Requesting a Stick Value

To request a stick value for a station, please fill out the following form. Within one business day, you will be contacted by a BIA/Kelsey financial analyst to confirm your request and process payment. Typical turnaround time to receive the stick value result is approximately 1-2 business days. The cost of a stick valuation is $995.

Stick Value Report Contents

The delivered report will be a document that includes a summary of the stick value results and a market and competitive overview pages from BIA/Kelsey’s Investing In Radio Market Report.

Request Stick Value

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