State of the Industry Radio 2016 Cover

Offering an in-depth assessment of the radio industry, BIA/Kelsey’s State of the Industry Report on Radio 2016 examines how the radio industry maintains a prominent position in the local marketplace despite challenges from competition from digital and slowing over-the-air ad revenues.

The report examines radio advertising revenues, advertiser satisfaction, audience demographics and digital competition.

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The radio industry has adapted to incredible competition from all sides, with digital, streaming and other audio competitors taking audiences. Yet local radio remains in the top five media and is proving itself capable of delivering compelling multi-channel services that help its local advertisers navigate promotional opportunities.

Mark Fratrik, chief economist and report author, BIA/Kelsey

Why You Should Read ‘The Position of Local Radio Stations: Trends for 2016 & Beyond’

Throughout nearly a century of operating, commercial radio has faced numerous challenges — from initially convincing local and national advertisers that airing audio ads would work, to combating over-the-air and then cable television, to the recent entry of online/digital audio consumer options. Growing competition affects the level of usage of local radio stations, which also face hurdles in the local advertising marketplace. Smaller audiences and the slowing of over-the-air advertising revenue growth have led to decreases in the values of local radio stations and the public companies that own them.

Despite these challenges, however, the radio industry maintains a prominent position, both for listeners and advertisers, in the local marketplace.

The state of the radio industry is detailed in the 30 page paper, “The Position of Local Radio Stations: Trends for 2016 & Beyond.”

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  • The overall local radio station industry advertising growth
  • Radio’s position in the new media marketplace
  • Audience shares and revenue histories of local radio stations
  • Radio advertiser trends and buying habits
  • Competition for advertisers
  • Technology changes in radio, including HD Radio, NextRadio, FM translators and streaming
  • Competitive threats to local radio stations
  • Station trading activity, including prices and values of stations and public companies

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The Position of Local Radio Stations: Trends for 2016 & Beyond

State of the Industry Radio 2016 Cover

Who Should Read This Report:

This report is a valuable resource for executives, managers and interactive digital VPs of radio groups, financial institutions and companies building solutions being embraced by the industry.

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