Purchasing datasets for mailing, calling or emailing is the raw material to initiate customer relationships in the emerging data-driven company. This type of data provides the basis for planning inventory and resources deployment, not just the basis of segmented and targeted marketing campaigns.

Marketing technology initiatives that place more emphasis on the quality and measurability of outcomes make data acquisition an increasingly important discipline for developing new markets.

This white paper explores how analysts can use an initial wide-ranging investigational step to discover target customers followed by refinement of selection criteria. It examines how to narrow the data purchase to match company customer goals and objectives.

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Why You Should Read ‘A Data-Driven Approach to Marketing Information Acquisition’

Download and read the report to learn the benefits of a full lifecycle approach to data acquisition, which include:

  • Alignment of marketing, inventory and fulfillment processes
  • Greater strategic flexibility in campaigns and messaging
  • Segmentation of data for use in targeting content development and delivery by channel
  • Improved inventory, accounting and credit risk management
  • The ability to blend internal first-, second- and third-party data analytics to benchmark performance
  • Comprehensive data access across the organization

Who should read this report:

  • C-Level Strategists
  • COOs
  • CMOs
  • Marketing leadership
  • Marketing analysts
  • IT and Operational staff
Download the Report

Download the Report

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