As marketers continue to increase allocation into digital, BIA/Kelsey estimates that almost $3 billion is at risk of geotargeted ad fraud.

BIA/Kelsey forecasts that ad spending in local media will reach nearly $76 billion by 2021, making it an attractive and lucrative target for cybercriminals. Ad fraud is siphoning revenue away from legitimate publishers and delivering the wrong audiences to advertisers. Advertisers spending ad budgets to target local audiences and local media publishers alike should not only be aware of the risks of ad fraud but also take proactive action to contain this growing threat.

To assess the risk of fraud, BIA/Kelsey, in collaboration with Marketing Science Consulting Group, conducted a series of studies to assess the risk of fraud in programmatic media targeting local audiences. Download this report to review the findings and get early conclusions and recommendations on managing the situation and to read results from two test cases: Suspected Ad Fraud in Butte-Bozeman and Houston Markets and Expanded Experiment to 16 DMAs Across the U.S.