Detailed, custom maps for all existing or proposed commercial and non-commercial TV and radio stations.

If you’re an ad agency, sport team, broadcast station, governmental licensing authorities or investors, consider boosting your image with a BIA Advisory Services custom map.

Our  maps are designed to custom specifications and can include a variety of data layers (i.e. boundaries, population density, demographic breakouts) that offer valuable details for sales, marketing and promotion. Maps are available for any region worldwide.

BIA maps provide an effective illustration of a station's coverage and are used to:
  • Visualize audience demographics by: Age; Sex; Ethnicity
  • Identify demographic concentrations and specific ethnic breakouts (e.g., percent of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese within an Asian demographic)
  • Track programming choices for local audiences
  • Identify boundary (zip code, TV market, MSA) data or geo-coded data
  • View broadcast facility coverage contours
Maps are an effective tool for
  • Corporate Promotion
  • Selling Advertisements
  • Station Promotion
  • Market Opportunity Assessments
  • FCC Compliance
  • Demographic Assessment
  • Investor Validation
Mapping Options
Custom Maps

Display coverage patterns for any radio/television station or translator, zip code or market boundaries or detailed ethnic shading.


Custom mapping based on Longley-Rice Received Signal Level (RSL) calculations.

Predicted Contours

Custom mapping based on predicted contours. Offer a wide variety of data layers such as boundaries, ethnic population densities and multiple demographic breakouts.


Display the results of the LMA Duopoly study for inclusion in FCC filing.

Geographic Service Area

Geographic Service Area (GSA) Mapping Services for organizations operating in the Educational Broadband Spectrum (EBS) and Broadband Radio Spectrum (BRS).

Basic map information provided on U.S. maps includes coastline, islands, lakes, rivers, international, state and county boundaries, interstate highways and map graticule.

Please contact us by phone (703) 818-2425 or e-mail to discuss your custom map.