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Track local market advertising & competition

Where are the advertising dollars going (i.e. media) and who is spending those dollars (i.e. business verticals) in your local market? Who are your national, regional and local competitors?

Track the ad spend in your local market with a Media Ad View report and your competition with a Local Competition Report. Reports available for all 210 local U.S. markets.

Media Ad View Reporting Suite

Media Ad View reports provide the detail you need to better understand your local advertising landscape. Choose from four different reports that deliver ad information by market, media and vertical subcategories, as well as nationwide.

Media Ad View Logo Redo (Nov. 2015) FINAL-01
Media Ad View delivers advertising revenue information for 12 media and 94 vertical subcategories in every TV market. Choose from 4 different reports.
Ad View
Ad View
Media Ad View Plus
Ad View

Quick scan of single market, 12 media, 12 verticals

Deep view of 1 vertical subcategory across 12 media, for one local market

Full analytics for one market, across 12 media, 12 verticals and 94 vertical subcategories

Aggregated summary of 210 markets, 12 media, 12 verticals 94 vertical subcategories



Aggregated summary








Local Competition Report

Track all your competitors with BIA’s Local Competition Report – a unique report providing local advertising estimates for TV, radio and major online companies that target local markets.

  • Nationwide Estimates
  • Combined Traditional & Digital Local Advertising Competition – Actual $
  • Top Ten Billers
  • Top Online/Desktop and Mobile Billers
  • Local Over-the-Air Television Competition
  • Local Radio Competition
  • Local Newspaper Competition
  • Combined (Mobile + Desktop/Online) Digital Advertising Revenue
  • Mobile Advertising Revenue
  • Sales Channel Advertising Revenue Distribution

Access Television / Radio Station and Newspaper Data

MEDIA Access Pro is the most comprehensive, up-to-date database available for the broadcast and newspaper industry. Updated daily, MAPro covers both rated and non-rated markets and delivers information on:

  • 25,000 commercial and non-commercial radio stations
  • 13,000 full- and low-power TV stations
  • 6900 daily and weekly newspapers in the United States, Canada and Mexico

New Data: Retransmission consent estimates on local television

BIA developed a modeling formula that uses its public information and industry knowledge to provide a deeper examination into the revenue streams for each station. More details.

MEDIA Access Pro Available Online

Access and search the database with Macs, tablets and laptops –  anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Learn more about this exciting product enhancement.

For a product demonstration and information on subscribing, contact us today at or (703) 818-2425.

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MAPro Desktop Data Updates
MAPro Online

(607) 936-6737 /

Learn more about MEDIA Access Pro: 

Updates to MEDIA Access Pro in Last 30 Days








# of changes

# of facilities added

(Changes include tech updates and changes to personal, ownership, call sign format and more)

Browse industry reports & publications
Industry Reports

State of the Industry and topical reports for the TV and radio industry. Introducing our latest series: Public Media Company Profiles.

SMB Advertiser Survey

Local Commerce Monitor (LCM), our proprietary survey of SMB advertisers, offers key intelligence about the marketing trends of small and medium-sized business (SMBs).

Local Market Reports

Reports identifying local competition and advertising revenue across markets, media and business verticals.

Detailed Station Reports

Market-by-market directories & reference guides for TV, radio, and newspaper

Upcoming Research

The latest wave of our small business research, Local Commerce Monitor Wave 20 will be published soon. Infographic reveals early results for broadcasters.

Industry Transactions & Station and Translator Sales

Tracking translators moving into or closer to your markets?
Subscribe to our Translator Watch to automate the work.

Want more transaction or station information?
Subscribe to MEDIA Access Pro, the most comprehensive database available on the broadcasting industry. Click for details

Examine U.S. Ad Spending

Looking for predictive analytics and insights about the local marketplace?

Our U.S. Local Advertising Forecast provides a national overview of U.S. spending in local markets. Covering twelve media, it offers a comprehensive and authoritative view of all “local” advertising spent by national and regional companies, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.


U.S. Local Advertising Forecast 2017 – issued Oct. 26, 2016. View the press release and the TOC. Click to purchase.

The advertising forecast is helpful for:

Understanding the market outlook now and in five years

Gaining insights around the key drivers and assumptions behind top-line numbers

Drilling down into specific media to track activity and opportunity

Request Valuation or Appraisal

Are you trying to secure a new investment or value an asset such as a web property, spectrum or FCC license? Do you need assistance with impairment testing, evaluating an agreement, or planning your estate?

The media valuation and appraisal team at BIA has analyzed the full media and technology landscape for over 33 years. We deliver the experience and rigorous attention to quality assessments today’s businesses require for their important projects.

Browse our services: fair market valuations, tangible and intangible appraisals, due diligence, stock valuation, spectrum valuations, fresh start accounting, fairness and solvency opinions and litigation support & expert testimony.

To discuss a project, contact us at

New Valuation Report
CBS RADIO AS IT APPROACHES IPO: Industry Position, Competitive Assessment, Valuation Estimates

We examine CBS Radio Inc. (“CBS Radio”) which is in the process of becoming a standalone publicly traded entity. Click for report details and related blog post.


Looking for a station or vendor?

Custom Research

Need assistance with market analysis, research or a transaction?

Our proprietary database covers historical, current and projected data on ownership, markets, ratings, demographics, revenues and more. We can perform custom research projects to satisfy specific requests. See report examples.


Want a map designed to your custom specifications? Do you know what your market coverage is?

We create maps with an unlimited number of data layers (i.e. boundaries, population density, demographic breakouts.) Use them for sales, marketing and promotion. Maps are available for any region worldwide.

Map showing population coverage by WBIN Radio station in Portland, Maine.

Monitor FCC Applications & Notices

Do you need to monitor activities affecting a station(s) or want to track competition to prepare for a purchase, sale or upgrade? Do you help clients with FCC applications?

FLAG and AppTracker automate the monitoring of FCC activities and applications for station(s) or geographic areas of interest.

FLAG searches FCC Public Notice items and generates a report detailing all recent activities that impact a monitored station using distance and FCC spacing criteria.

Reports delivered weekly or on demand.

AppTracker monitors FCC activity on applications as they relate to CPs, license assignments, transfers of control, digital conversions, allocation conflicts, competitive activities and agreements.

Report generated when an activity is discovered.

To set up a service, contact us at (703) 818-2425 or

Engineering Services

BIA can perform any of the following engineering services for stations, law firms or media companies. Click the plus sign to read about each service.

AM Radio

Night Limit Study

Detailed Individual study that calculates the site-to-site night limits and resulting RSS limitation to a given station or locations from all fulltime stations on the specified frequency + or – 3 channels.

Night Protection Study

Calculates permissible radiation toward other co-channel and first-adjacent-channel stations where pertinent.

Daytime Protection Study

Performs an allowable radiation study for a given site based on ground wave contours.

FM Radio

FM Explorer

A graphical allocation tool that allows you to do “what if” analysis for creative FM allocation.

Spacing Study

Test proposed commercial FM facility using FCC Spacing criteria.

Interference (FM)

Feasibility study using Section 73.509 interference criteria.


Call Sign List (AM/FM/TV)

Considering changing your call sign? The Call Sign List service can help you find a new option quickly and efficiently with a list of unused call signs.


FLAG is a comprehensive service for monitoring a station or any geographical areas of interest. FLAG automates a search of records from the FCC website and ensures that subscribers are up-to-date on all recent FCC activities.

AppTracker (AM/FM/TV)

AppTracker monitors new applications under review at the FCC in real time, helping broadcast media and law firms stay on top of developments on construction permits, license assignments, transfers of control and consummated agreements.


Site Check Report

Retrieves all AM, FM, TV and TX records within a given radius of user-supplied reference coordinates. Also, records from the FCC/FAA tower database and airport/heliport database are included.

TERP - Terrain Retrieval

Computes 3-16 kilometer (2-10 mile) terrain averages for any point in U.S.

Terpath Study

Retrieve terrain elevation data between any two points in the conterminous U.S.

Contour Study

Calculate facility coverage areas (50/50, 50/10 or 50/90)


Calculate total or ethnic population within a specified radius or contour by state, county or MCD/CCD


Determines market stations based upon contour overlap or transmitter location – study results can be mapped for inclusion in FCC filing

FCC Database Download

Flat-file formatted databases