After a decade of media adoration for clicks and impressions, a ringing phone is (still) more valued by a large chunk of businesses. And, according to BIA/Kelsey, there’s an explosion of “high value” phone calls to businesses underway.

We estimate that by 2019, more than 52 percent of U.S. digital ad spend will target smartphones. In a mobile-first world, marketers can’t afford to ignore inbound calls as they are a natural extension of smartphone use.

On this webinar, BIA/Kelsey and DialogTech discuss tactics for driving more calls and revenue from popular mobile channels such as search, social and display ads.

The webinar covers three key topics and answer one important question:

  • New research from BIA/Kelsey on how calls are impacting mobile marketing.
  • New tips and technologies to increase calls and sales from mobile channels.
  • Real-world case studies of companies with successful mobile marketing strategies.
  • How does this apply to your business and what should you do next?

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