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Webinar Gotowebinar Header Sponsored Research Salesfuel Sales Enablement

Today’s sales teams juggle far more information than ever, yet their performance continues to have the greatest impact on the corporate bottom line. To improve performance, new data-driven sales enablement platforms can assist sales leaders with onboarding, training & motivating salespeople.

Join us Wednesday, January 18 for an insightful webinar on sales enablement. BIA/Kelsey’s Mitch Ratcliffe will join digital transformation leader Stacey Sedbrook, Vice President of Strategy+Business at SalesFuel, to examine how successful sales leaders build and keep their best teams.

Register to attend and also receive a free copy of the report, “Investing in the Sales Process – Coaching and Metrics for Success.”

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GoToWebinar Header For What’s Next BIAKelsey 2017 Analyst Predictions

2017 is kicking into high gear and it promises to be a transformative period for technology and media.

Get inspired and informed by BIA/Kelsey analysts who will share their top predictions for the year during an analyst roundtable discussion.

They will cover leading topics ranging from emerging technologies, the uptick in national-local ad spend, franchise marketing, programmatic advertising, retransmission consent, local television over-the-air (OTA) revenue and insights into the plans of small-business advertisers.

Moderating the roundtable discussion is well-known industry expert, Jed Williams, the chief innovation officer at Local Media Association. Jed will ask key questions so attendees get a full understanding of the opportunities that are proving to be vital to the future of local media and the advertising landscape.

Join us for this engaging discussion!

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Webinar GoToWebinar Header Sponsored Research Equals3 Artificial Intelligence

Meet Lucy powered by Watson. The future of cognitive computing, big data and market segmentation.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful dream come true if you could dash off a quick message and have someone on your team intelligently and quickly sift through mounds of different data to mine predictive customer segments and then match them to data-driven optimized media investments and activations?

It’s not a dream, it is happening. Meet Lucy and powered by IBM’s Watson.

BIA/Kelsey invites Equal 3’s managing partner Scott Litman to a conversation where we’ll explore the intersections of marketing, cognitive computing, big data and artificial intelligence agents like IBM’s Watson and Equal 3’s Lucy. The webinar will build on themes we last covered with Jodi Sasse from Equals 3 and Nish Parekh from IBM Watson at our BIA/Kelsey NEXT event in Boston last year.

Equals 3 has the viewpoint that, “For marketers in the digital age, there is an ever increasing explosion of data–more data than can be put into use. What marketers need is the ability to unearth crucial insights from massive amounts of data and convert those insights into strategies.”

“Lucy” has been built to do just this – act as an agent that can interact with the cognitive computing and big data platform offered by IBM’s Watson.

From BIA/Kelsey’s point of view, we certainly see the fast on-rush of data-driven media planning and buying. What’s real and now; and what’s aspirational and down the road? Find out by joining us for this webinar.

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