Local Commerce Monitor

Local Commerce Monitor
How are advertisers using media and adapting to new technologies?

Local Commerce Monitor™ (LCM) is BIA/Kelsey’s ongoing survey of the advertising behaviors of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The survey tracks SMB ad and marketing spending, Web footprint, media performance assessments, and opinions about key topics like emerging media and sales channels. The results provide actionable insights and trends in how SMBs have adopted and changed their marketing habits over the last year compared to prior years.

Tracking Advertiser Trends Across Top Media

LCM, local media’s most trusted information source on the advertising and marketing behaviors of SMBs, covers over 35 different media and platforms used by SMBs for advertising and promotion:

  • Online (e.g., search, display ads, blogs)
  • Traditional (e.g., direct mail, newspapers)
  • Mobile (e.g., search, SMS, display)
  • Local coupons (print and online)
  • Social (e.g., Facebook, Twitter)
  • Video (e.g., website videos, YouTube)
  • Broadcast
  • Local directories (print and online)
  • Giveaway items
  • Community sponsorships

Download Sample

Download an excerpt from our LCM Wave 18 findings for Core SMBs.

Current LCM Study

The latest wave of LCM is Wave 18, published the third quarter of 2014. Highlights from this study include:

  • SMBs use social media more than any other media category. 74.5 percent report using social media to promote their business.
  • SMBs spend more on social media than on any other media category. In fact SMBs spend 21.4 percent of their total media budget on social media.
  • Facebook dominates SMB usage. 55.1 percent have a Facebook page for business use and 20 percent run a Facebook ad or promoted post.
  • Other strong social channels include Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Publicly Released Findings


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Lead Analyst

About LCM

Local Commerce Monitor (LCM) is BIA/Kelsey’s ongoing tracking survey of SMBs conducted online with research partner Ipsos. For this study, SMB is defined as a business having from 1 to 99 employees. Local Commerce Monitor draws its sample of business respondents from a mix of nationally scoped MSAs, which include first- and second-tier markets.


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