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The Internet Radio Revolution Has Arrived

Platforms, Services, Audiences and Advertisers Reinvent Audio

April 2014
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The Internet radio revolution has been brewing for some time. Streaming audio has gone mainstream for audiences and advertisers. This revolution is foundational, meaning that new business models are forming around new audience behaviors supported by technology advances.

The audience is reinventing its traditional radio experience in the face of innovative Internet radio services by adopting available new technologies and developing new consumption and engagement behaviors.

Recognizing new opportunities to reach and engage with these audiences, national and local advertisers are shifting budget into Internet radio services. Broadcasters are providing their own streaming services, and it's inevitable that advertisers will follow the growing consumer adoption of both broadcast and pure play streaming services.

Is this revolution here to stay? Well, yes. In the sense that the established audio order, largely defined by broadcast radio, is being structurally reinvented.

This new report, sponsored by XAPPmedia, highlights how these forces will redefine the Internet streaming audio market over the next generation and reviews the economics of the whole opportunity.

Chapters in this 23-page report include:

  • The Audio Marketplace
  • Reinventing the Audio Market
  • Internet Radio Gets Serious
  • The Audio Advertising Mix
  • Shifting Economics of Audio Advertising
  • Trends in the Audio Market
  • The Shift to Internet Radio
  • What Is the Listening Mix
  • "Hands Free" Listening
  • Advertising Efficacy
  • Transcending the Small Screen
  • Closing the Gap
  • The Economics of Internet Radio

Who should read this report?

Agencies, advertisers, media executives and technology companies interesting in learning success factors and value drivers in the emerging mobile streaming audio market.

More details about this report available our press release, "The Internet Radio Revolution Has Arrived:" New Report by BIA/Kelsey Examines How Platforms, Services, Audiences and Advertisers are Reinventing Audio.

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