Anna Zornosa Anna Zornosa, Founder & CEO, Ruby Ribbon

Anna Zornosa's career has included leadership positions at startups, as well as large public companies. She founded Ruby Ribbon in 2011 after being inspired to create a unique everyday shapewear apparel company, whose products are only available through social commerce. She serves as an Advisor to several other startups including: Trulioo.com, Motista, Inc, Glam.com, and Chloe & Isabel. Previously, she served as EVP of the Cobalt Group, Vice President, Yahoo!, Chief Marketing Officer, Knight Ridder Digital, and CEO, Topica, Inc. She has both a Masters and Bachelor's degrees from the University of Wisconsin.

2014 Initiatives

What are your initiatives for 2014?
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The BIA/Kelsey Conference Experience

The BIA/Kelsey team does a great job pulling together the thought leaders in local media. ILM has always been THE place to network and get deals done. But now, with an increased focus on the new players and trends in the market, ILM is the complete package.

– Darren Waddell, VP Marketing, Radius Intelligence

The BIA/Kelsey Leading In Local conference delivers focused content and broad networking opportunities with the key players – and all under one roof!

– Tony Courtwright, Director of Digital Media, News-Press & Gazette Company

The show really was a great few days. Not only were the sessions super compelling, but we made some great connections as well.

– Ethan Dobson, Head of Marketing, Constant Contact/SinglePlatform

I think many would agree that your conferences are one of the only places where the local media decision makers that matter to a business like UpRing aggregate every year.

– Christopher MacDonald, Founder/President, UpRing LLC

Local advertising and commerce remains the largest untapped big-pocket opportunity for Internet companies. … At the conference, we came across search engines, social media companies, review websites, daily offer platforms, web services companies, vertical/niche websites, content syndication platforms, and traditional media companies – all focused on tapping into local media dollars.

– Rohit Kulkarni, Analyst, R.W. Baird

As a first time attendee I was a bit curious to see how the conference would play out after hearing 'nice reviews' through the grapevine over the years. My feedback is simple: If you're serious about growing your media business, the BIA/Kelsey conference is a must-attend event, period.

– Niko Younts, Manager - Digital Marketing & Advertising Solutions, Kith Media, LLC