May 7-9, 2014 | Sheraton Atlanta | Atlanta, GA
LEADING IN LOCAL: The National Impact - May 7-9, 2014


Announcing the GOLOCAL Awards Finalists

BIA/Kelsey is pleased to announce the finalists for the GOLOCAL Awards, which celebrates the best in local marketing initiatives deployed by national brands.

We had 36 entries in total from leading U.S. and Canadian brands with local marketing efforts. Nine finalists have been selected, three from each category of the competition: sales/revenue, innovation and strategic use of digital marketing. 

Come and hear from the finalists at the session, The GOLOCAL Awards: Demonstrations and Competition, where they will present top learnings from their submission. We will also announce a winner from each category.

We thank everyone who participated and look forward to the final stages of the competition.

Sales / Revenue

"Love Your 'Hood'"

With a concise and simple call to action, Vicinity, one of Canada's fastest growing loyalty networks, captured the attention of Canadian consumers and businesses alike, inspiring them to demonstrate their pride of neighborhood. The goal of the campaign was to launch the Vicinity brand in Canada to both prospective retail merchants and retail shoppers. A digital and print campaign was launched across a variety of targeted channels to drive calls to action. The results were tangible, with over 136 businesses and over 25,000 new cardholders signing up. Other results included a 62% increase in point transactions and an 81% increase in rewards redeemed.


There's nothing like taking your competition head on. Using San Francisco, Madison and Seattle as test markets, YP built a mobile ad campaign that targeted Quiznos' competitors. During the test, Quiznos reached their competitors' customers who were located less than 10 miles from a Quiznos location. YP helped Quiznos target these customers by using historical profiles and geo-fencing. The campaign resulted in a 6% lift in sales over national average. Quiznos attributes its success to having a "testing mentality - always."

"Bundled Solutions"

To drive sales, YP implemented a marketing approach where multiple digital products were packaged together into one bundled solution. The package consisted of search, online listings management and mobile display, offered at a flat rate to provide more value to advertisers and to increase profitability for YP. For YP's clients, the simplified purchase process and reduced customer acquisition costs led to a higher return on client investment. This program also drove $1.2 million in YP revenue and reduced lead costs for clients.


Our panel of expert judges represent all corners of local media:

  • Tom Bates, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Georgia Tech
  • Matt Booth, CEO, Connectivity
  • Brian Costello, Chairman & CEO, Maple Farm Media and Managing Partner Costello Group, LLC
  • Kerry Hatch, Principal, KDH Associates
  • Rhonda Hills, Digital Marketing Executive
  • Dave Walker, co-Founder & CEO,

Strategic Use of Digital Marketing

"Something Scary Could Be Heading Your Way!

In anticipation of the series premiere of FOX's Sleepy Hollow, FOX Broadcasting Company ran a unique, integrated digital marketing campaign with Eventful to pit city against city to win the chance to see the series premiere before it aired. Eventful created a digital and social media marketing campaign for fans to rally their city to win the advance screening. During the course of the campaign, over 30,000 fans in 2,972 cities participated, generating over 18 million social media impressions and 1.04 million trailer views. The campaign resulted in a successful launch for the television show.

"AAA Carolinas Web & Mobile Locator"

AAA Carolinas, which serves customers in North Carolina and South Carolina, competes in a very crowded space where insurance providers, car care specialists, and travel agencies battle for customers and top search engine rankings across both states. To stand out, AAA Carolinas needed an integrated solution that ensured accurate business information was available no matter where or how a consumer chose to find it. In partnership with Placeable, AAA Carolinas leveraged a flexible, scalable location-marketing solution to manage and normalize location data and easily deploy it across its own website, search engines, and social networks. Since the launch, the locator has driven outstanding organic and mobile traffic growth and provided AAA customers with an improved customer experience.

"Mobile Shines Bright on Broadway's MAMMA MIA!"
Situation Interactive

Partnering to launch the first mobile campaign for Broadway's MAMMA MIA!, xAd and Situation Interactive designed a campaign to target Manhattan residents and NYC tourists. The campaign consisted of local place-based targeting, combined with real-world mobile behavioral data, to determine the optimal times and areas to reach audiences as they moved throughout the city. Ads were focused around key points of interest, including the city's airports and hotels, as well as Times Square and ticket booths. The result of this campaign was an increase in ticket sales directly related to this effort.


Conn's V-Circular
Eyeview Digital

Conn’s V-Circular campaign was an innovative approach to reaching local consumers on a national level. The goal of the campaign was to support the opening of a new geographic market and drive local foot traffic and offline sales to a half dozen new stores. Eyeview and Shoplocal, a G/O Digital company, provided relevant price and item information from the closest store to the user. The campaign auto-created more than 2,500 locally versioned video ads. It optimized audiences across five key segments to ensure the right products were delivered to the right audiences. The end result leveraged both offline and online data to better speak to consumers. The execution drove lifts in CTR and post impression activity, and the reporting delivered unique insights into performance by featured store and per product. Conn’s has since expanded its V-Circular to target all markets and also deliver Spanish-language versions.

Walmart Christmas Countdown 2013
Tribune Broadcasting
Tribune Broadcasting

Leveraging the power of local TV stations and Walmart's websites, Tribune Broadcasting designed a campaign to showcase last minute holiday gift ideas. Using a satellite feed from a single Walmart location, Tribune replicated the look and feel of a TV "live shot" news report and broadcast the campaign in 25 markets. Each "report" was customized to the DMA it aired in and was run live or near-live in each market. The campaign took Walmart's national marketing and made it local and relatable to consumers in each DMA by personalizing the message. It also showcased how broadcast TV and digital can work together to showcase video content to consumers in unique and memorable ways.