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Google to Dominate Local Digital Advertising in 2018

Local search advertising on Google and local advertising on YouTube will top $19 billion nationwide and exceed $1 billion in the combined DC, Virginia and Maryland television markets in 2018, according to BIA Advisory Services.

Google will represent close to 40 percent of all local digital advertising across all markets. By 2022, BIA projects local Google advertising will exceed $27 billion nationwide, and reach nearly $1.5 billion in the DC/VA/MD Television markets.

According to BIA, local Google advertising in 2018 is higher than the total digital advertising revenue on any local media. When you add local Facebook advertising to local Google advertising they are estimated to account for almost 48% of all local digital advertising.

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New Complimentary Report

BIA estimates ad spending in local TV and location-targeted mobile will nearly reach $43 billion in 2018. Advertisers will spend $20.8 billion in local television and $22.1 billion in location-targeted mobile to target audiences in 2018.

The report Local TV and Location: How Targeted Mobile Intelligence Creates High Impact Campaigns examines the growth for each media and how marketers are integrating the channels to unify their ability to effectively reach, target and engage consumers in a multi-platform environment.

“Today’s marketers increasingly rely on data-infused audience targeting to deliver relevant cross-platform messaging throughout the consumer’s journey to purchase. TV and mobile are two of the most powerful platforms that audiences are using daily in a unified, not fragmented, experience. Advertisers who integrate audience targeting on TV with location targeting on mobile can achieve an incredibly powerful one-two marketing punch.” Rick Ducey, report author and managing director, BIA Advisory Services

Local Television Station Revenue to Reach $27.68 B in 2018 Driven by Strong Political and Digital Advertising

BIA’s television forecast also indicates retransmission consent fees will add another $8.44B.

BIA Advisory Services’ U.S. local advertising forecast indicates it will be a solid year for the television industry, with local television station revenue reaching $27.70 billion, up from $26.2B in 2017. The breakdown of ad revenue includes $18.2B for over-the-air revenue, up 5.8 percent from 2017 and $1.1B for digital revenue, a modest increase of 6.3 percent since last year. Additionally, retransmission consent agreements between local television stations and cable/satellite companies will contribute $8.44B to the total industry revenue this year.

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Local Radio Stations Now Rank Fifth Most Significant Local Advertising Platform as Overall Ad Revenue Dipped Slightly from Prior Year to $13.87 B in 2017

Two new BIA reports examine the state of the radio industry to explain the effect of new audio competition, audience levels, programming trends, transactions and provide market profiles of Nielsen Audio-rated stations.

The digital advertising income of U.S. radio stations had a decent rise in 2017, as the industry reported a 9.7% percent increase in online revenues, compared with a slight decline in over-the-air income of 2.0 percent, according to the first quarter edition of BIA Advisory Services’ 2018 Investing In Radio® Market Report. Overall the industry experienced a 0.2% drop from 2016 to end the year at $13.87 billion. In terms of transactions, the volume was the highest since 2011, with 752 stations being sold at a value of $3.32 billion.

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