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BIA Advisory Services helps traditional and digital media, brands & agencies and technology companies secure a winning position in the local advertising marketplace.

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OTT Ecosystem Players Discuss Market Directions

Over-the-Top (OTT) promises the power of the TV set for advertising amplified by the targeting, optimization and attribution from digital advertising. It is a fast growing part of the media mix. Successful execution requires compelling content, first and third party data, metrics and measurement, inventory pricing and workflow management.

In this webinar, BIA will highlight its new OTT forecast, which includes political spending, and offer insights into growth areas and opportunities. Our invited speakers will assess the current state of the OTT marketplace and discuss priorities to drive future success.

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BIA Revises Down its U.S. Local Ad Revenue Estimate for 2020 to $140B Due to Continuing Coronavirus Impacts

BIA Advisory Services has adjusted its estimate for the total local advertising market for 2020 to $140.4 billion, down from $144.3 billion in April.

This forecast estimate represents a 6.1 percent decline from 2019, even with strong political advertising anticipated this year and a few business verticals showing advertising strength.

Since its April forecast, BIA increased the expected political ad spend from $7.1 billion to $7.3 billion.

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Forecast Aug 2020

As the coronavirus continues to significantly impact the U.S. economy, BIA adjusted its revenue projections for 2020 local advertising in August 2020.

The report,  Advertising Revenue in an Uncertain COVID-19 Environment: BIA’s Updated 2020 Local Ad Forecast, examines of the effect of the pandemic on local advertising spend across media and business verticals.

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Three Phases of COVID-19 Recovery with Data and Analytics

BIA and Revenue Analytics have combined their data to track the impact COVID-19 is having an impact on media inventory, demand, and pricing strategies, and offer details on the three phases of recovery.

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Transaction Activity (as of August 31, 2020)

Transaction Update for Television and Radio (Year-to-Date): 

$ 749 M
TV Transaction Value
$ 62 M
Radio Transaction Value
# TV Stations Sold
# Radio Stations Sold
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