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Three Phases of COVID-19 Recovery with Data and Analytics

BIA and Revenue Analytics have combined their data to track the impact COVID-19 is having an impact on media inventory, demand, and pricing strategies, and offer details on the three phases of recovery.

Read the analysis here.


BIA estimating a double digit decline nationwide across all U.S. local advertising from its original 2020 forecast.

As the coronavirus continues to significantly impact the U.S. economy, BIA now estimates the total local advertising market for all of 2020 will be $144.3 billion, which is a 10.6 percent decrease from BIA’s prior estimate of $161.3 billion in November 2019.

The new estimate also represents a 3.6 percent decline from 2019, even with the added political advertising revenue of $7.1 billion anticipated this year.

More on the new forecast here.

Copy of Copy of 2020 US Ad forecast

Navigating the Local Ad Marketplace During the Pandemic

COVID-19 is changing the local advertising landscape. Businesses are working tirelessly to ensure employee safety, while balancing concerns for their operations and bottom line. The balancing act is not easy.

Media sellers can help their advertisers find balance by communicating their customers’ needs for goods and services.

In this webinar held on Tue, April 7, BIA and SalesFuel discuss how and where media sellers can support their local businesses. They also profile opportunities in three verticals: Financial Services, Legal and Home Improvement.

View the Presentation (PDF)


Current Outlook for U.S. Local Advertising

We’re updating our estimates for the local advertising forecast in the U.S. and by market for 2020 and beyond. We will be making significant revisions to our prior forecast to incorporate considerations related to expanded political advertising and the impact of the COVID-19 virus.

Read our update here.


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Transaction Activity (as of Apr. 30, 2020)

Transaction Update for Television and Radio (Year-to-Date): 

$ 602 M
TV Transaction Value
$ 37 M
Radio Transaction Value
# TV Stations Sold
# Radio Stations Sold
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