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Webinar: Geotargeted Ad Fraud, Wed., March 21 at 2 pm eastern

A well-recognized and growing problem in digital media is geotargeted ad fraud.  BIA estimates, that on an annual basis, almost $3 billion is at risk of geotargeting ad fraud based on the overall ad spend in digital and online media.

Join BIA’s managing director, Rick Ducey, and leading cybersecurity and ad fraud researcher, Dr. Augustine Fou to dissect what’s going on and explore the different kinds of fraud and potential remedies both media and their clients can pursue.

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Geotargeted Ad Fraud

The rise of local video advertising in 2018 will be driven by progress in Advanced TV and the industry’s commitment to new methods that improve interactivity and the viewer experience.

According to BIA’s new report, ADVANCED TV: Executive Views on Industry Progress & New Directions, the market for local video advertising is expected to rise to $32.6 billion this year and will reach $37.1 billion by 2022.

Growth in the video market comes from the mobile and digital (i.e., desktop and tablet ad platforms) categories. These categories are attracting marketers because of their ability to develop and measure data-infused video campaigns to target audiences using segmenting attributes. To remain competitive both within the TV station category, and certainly with digital competitors, local TV is implementing various types of Advanced TV solutions to provide similar, powerful capabilities.

Explore the current state of Advanced TV, 2018 initiatives, industry education and commitment and more in the report.

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BIA/Kelsey Forecasts U.S. Local Advertising Revenues to Increase 5.2 Percent in 2018 to $151.2B; Largest Annual Increase in Five Years

BIA/Kelsey’s new advertising forecast reveals that a mixture of a robust economy, a competitive political landscape and significant growth in mobile/social media will combine to drive a notable increase in local advertising revenue next year.

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2018 forecast prediction and top 3 media

BIA/Kelsey forecasts that ad spending in local media will reach nearly $76 billion by 2021, making it an attractive and lucrative target for cybercriminals. However, ad fraud is siphoning revenue away from legitimate publishers and delivering the wrong audiences to advertisers.

Advertisers spending ad budgets to target local audiences and local media publishers alike should not only be aware of the risks of ad fraud but also take proactive action to contain this growing threat.

To assess the risk of fraud, BIA/Kelsey, in collaboration with Marketing Science Consulting Group, conducted a series of studies to assess the risk of fraud in programmatic media targeting local audiences. Download the complimentary report here.

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Transaction Activity (as of 2/2018)

BIA/Kelsey tracks the value of transactions in TV and radio and the number of stations sold in each industry on a monthly and year-to-date basis. View all the details.

$ 39 M
TV Transaction Value
$ 87 M
Radio Transaction Value
# TV Stations Sold
# Radio Stations Sold

“October saw a slight bump up in the number and dollar value of TV stations being sold, while radio stations sales slowed down a bit. Given that the most recent FCC change in local ownership rules primarily affect local TV stations, we should see a continuation of this trend for the next few months.”


– Mark Fratrik, SVP and Chief Economist BIA/Kelsey

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